It's 21C in March!

Ceri Roberts
It's 21C in March!
It's 21C in March!


Britain was warmer than California, Naples and Athens yesterday, as temperatures soared above 20C in some areas, which is around 7C higher than the seasonal average.

Met Office forecaster Rebecca Sherwin told The Daily Mail that the hottest place was Porthmadog in North Wales at 21.7C.

This was slightly higher than South and Central England, but much warmer than California, which was only 15C.

People flocked to seaside resorts like Blackpool and Brighton (pictured) to make the most of the Spring heatwave, which is caused by a solid area of high pressure over Britain.

The good weather is expected to last until Thursday or Friday, with today's highest temperatures expected to be in Aberdeenshire, where it is likely to reach 20C. It will be slightly cooler in the South, but it still expected to be around 18C.

The Express reports that supermarkets have already reported booming sales in barbecue food, sunglasses and shorts and garden centres are also doing brisk business.

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