Pamela Anderson launches a racing team

There's no hidden meaning in the above headline - Pamela Anderson has indeed launched her own genuine, competitive racing team.

Called Downforce1, it begins racing at the end of this month in the European Le Mans Series. Let the innuendo commence...
Nah, let's not. You can make up your own and publish them below if you wish. Airbag comments are banned though.

Downforce1 (or 'Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson' as its named on the official website) is ostensibly all the work of the former Baywatch star, from concept to execution.

Officially launched this month, it is comfortably the most airbrushed racing outfit in history, as demonstrated by the picture above. And to think, back in the day Nigel Mansell thought a quick 'tache comb was pushing it a bit.

But with Aston Martin Racing and Dunlop as official partners, and anti-cruelty animal charity PETA tagging along for the ride, Sownforce1 is serious. Its car is an Aston Martin GT2 (below), and the team boasts a decade of racing experience.

Driver number two isn't confirmed, but principal driver Marcus Fux (please, don't go there) will start his first race with the team at the 6 Heures Du Castellet, held at the Circuit Paul Ricard, France.

The car will also compete in the GT Open and the Aston Martin Racing Festival at Le Mans.

Pammie is a renowned racing fan, and if DownForce1 is successful with the Aston there's talk of setting up a NASCAR outfit.

Talking to The Sun, Pamela said: "I'm so proud of the Downforce1 team. These gentlemen have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just four months. I cannot wait to see my cars on the racetrack. It's hard to believe until I see it. Look for us in white and blue - my signature colour."
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