Fresh calls for clock change 'to make roads safer'

As the clocks go forward this weekend, road safety charity Brake and motoring group GEM Assist have both made a fresh call for the Government to make it 'lighter later' by putting the clocks forward by an hour all year round.

We know this argument has been running for longer than a cold winter's night in January, but there is a case to stop the debate and just get on with it. The arguments put forward by Brake are:

It will reduce crashes

For much of the year, it is light before most people get up, but dark before they go to bed (today for example, sunrise was at 5.56 am and sunset will be at 6.19 pm). Obviously, crashes are more likely in the dark than in the light. The Transport Research Laboratory, formerly a government body, calculates there would be 80 fewer deaths per year if this change were to be implemented.

It will reduce pollution

The earlier it gets dark, the longer lights have to be on. Again, the better aligned sunlight is with our waking hours, the less energy has to be used.

It will make summer evenings longer

Anyone from the south of England who has been to Northern France in the summer knows how nice it is to still have light past 10 pm.

We know people in Scotland sometimes object that winter mornings would be terribly dark. If Scottish people really do object to any change, couldn't Scotland choose to keep the current system and let the rest of the UK get on with it?

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