Five of the best Budget headlines

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George Osborne and his red briefcase have been covering the news pages in the hours since the Budget announcements, but which bits of his Budget made the best headlines? And what slipped under the radar?

The big story

The biggest story of the Budget so far is the freeze in age-related allowances for pensioners which will see many lose out in real terms. Dubbed the 'granny tax' by The Telegraph, it was described by the freesheet the Metro as 'Gran Theft Auto', with The Daily Mail saying Osborne 'picks the pockets of pensioners'.

Five of the best Budget round-ups

Here are the best round ups on the web, and what each outlet deemed the 'big story' from the budget:

1. The BBC - Budget 2012 at a glance - The Beeb led with 'Row over tax 'raid' on pensions' as ministers come under fire over the pensioners tax-allowances. The article already has almost 1,500 comments as many vent their anger over what seems like the coalition targeting pensioners.

2. The Telegraph - you can find their budget round-up here, and their leader - 'Granny tax' hits five million pensioners - here. Once again, they've focused on this 'stealth' tax on pensioners which is justified by George Osborne as a way to 'simplify the tax system'.

They also have quite a nifty tool which shows you exactly what proportion of your tax is spent on what.

3. The Daily Mail has described the 'backlash' from the granny tax from pensioners groups like Age UK who have widely criticised the removal of the tax break introduced by Winston Churchill. Their round-up of the Budget announcements is here.

4. The Sun takes a particularly negative look at Osborne's announcements accusing him of 'clobbering ordinary Brits' and 'boosting super-earners'. And after his Wallace & Gromit quip yesterday, they have him in 'The Wrong Trousers'.

5. In their round up the Daily Mirror describe a 'budget bombshell' painting Cameron and Osborne as 'muggers' in hoodies, and again attacking the tax breaks for the rich at the expense of pensioners.

The lesser known budget stories

Daily Mail - Holidays to get more expensive as air passenger duty jumps 10%

A 10 per cent increase in the so-called poll tax of the skies will come into effect on 1 April this year, pushing up the prices of flights. The Daily Mail estimates that a family of four holidaymakers will be hit by a tax increase of £52 on flights to Spain, while a trip across the pond to Florida will be £260 more expensive.

The Telegraph - Enterprise loans to help up to 7,000 young people

To end on a slightly more positive note, the Telegraph highlights the enterprise loan pilot scheme highlighted in the Budget which will see young entrepreneurs able to bid for government loans to help them start up their own business.
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