Tips from the Experts: Driving on the Motorway


The latest in the series of tips from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) concerns handling breakdowns on the motorway. Peter Roger, the IAM's top driver says:

Plan ahead: keep a reflective jacket, warm waterproof clothes and a torch in your car. Put the number of your breakdown company and your membership number in your phone. Use the phone's GPS system to find your precise location.

That is all sensible – but Peter must have a pretty old phone if it can't use the camera flash as a torch.

Get out of the vehicle by the left-hand door and make sure all your passengers do the same. If you have a high-viz jacket, put it on and make sure everyone is standing well away from moving traffic. If there is a safety barrier, wait behind it.

We would add that one thing to that piece of advice. The police often advise that if you are travelling alone and you want to stay in the car, sitting in the passenger seat suggests that there is a driver that has gone for help – which discourages attacks on lone drivers.

Where possible, coast to an emergency telephone. If you use your mobile phone, you may be asked to give the number on the nearest marker post, located every 100 meters or on a square blue sign every 500 metres.

Don't attempt a repair on the hard shoulder of a motorway, call your breakdown company.

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