Mondeo Man is still King

Figures from Warranty Direct show that the Ford Mondeo (see next year's version here) is the car with the highest average mileage – so Mondeo Man is still very much alive and hammering up and down the M1.

"Mondeo Man" was a term coined in the mid 1990s by Tony Blair's spin doctors to describe the sort of aspirational middle-class voter New Labour had to appeal to. It seems the car has lasted better than Mr. Blair.

Not only does it have the highest average mileage of 15,100 miles, it also has the lowest proportion of warranty claims of any of 10 highest mileage cars on the Warranty Direct database. Only 15% of Mondeos have required a warranty claim, whereas the rate for the VW Passat (average mileage 14,440) is 44%.

The report also covers the cars with the lowest overall mileage. The Nissan Micra appears to live up to all the stereotypes: it has an annual mileage of just 5.580 miles, so it really is a car bought for pottering down to the shops. It also has a claim rate of only 18%, so it is as well built as everyone believes.

The car with the lowest claim rate overall was the Kia Picanto, with just 8%. That figure will depress the more established manufacturers: Hyundai-Kia is the company they fear most, with improving designs and good value. A growing Korean reputation for reliability is something Hyundai-Kia's rivals can do without.

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