Video: Isle of Wight hotel partially collapses after fire at wedding reception

Isle of Wight hotel partially collapses after fire at wedding receptionYouTube

A hotel in the Isle of Wight partially collapsed after setting on fire during a wedding reception last night.

The historic Ryde Castle Hotel, commissioned in 1540 by Henry VIII to defend the Solent from the Spanish Armada, was evacuated after the fire broke out in the roof and upper floors in the middle of the building.

Around 50 firefighters from six different crews were called to treat the blaze, and nobody was hurt.

Chief fire officer Steve Apter told the BBC: "The problem is it's an old building of old construction so access was particularly difficult for crews.

"We managed to bring the fire under control and stop it from spreading any further.

"There was, unfortunately, a wedding party taking place in the hotel at the time so they were evacuated very swiftly with the management of the hotel.

"Everybody was out of the building when firefighters arrived on scene.

"We have had a collapsed middle part of the building so obviously very dangerous and difficult conditions for firefighters to be working in but thankfully no injuries."

Mr Apter said they were investigating a fireworks display that was part of the wedding reception as a possible cause of the fire.

He added: "It's very sad to see that much damage to an historic building and obviously the disappointment for the unlucky wedding couple."

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