Video: Thrill-seekers risk death in 80ft waterfall jump

Thrill-seekers risk death in 80ft waterfall jumpYouTube

Groups of adrenalin junkies risk death for the sake of a thrill by jumping off an 80ft waterfall in Croatia during a river rafting adventure.

The rafting on River Una starts 15 miles upstream of Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and ends in nearby Lohovo. People are seen throwing their rafts down the waterfall, before following it and continuing their journey.

Croatian banker, Mirna Vidic, 49, saw it happen while she was visiting the beauty spot, and told the Daily Mail: "The adventurers throw the boats down the waterfall and jump off them to continue rafting river in boats.

"These people enjoy the adventure, love high adrenalin and enjoy danger.

"I was so excited when I first saw them I became breathless."

According to The Sun, Mirna added: "Una is an enchanting river that attracts with its beauty.

"It is especially attractive for nature lovers, adventurers and photographers from all over the world."

See the mad-for-it rafters in action below:

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