F1 racer announces new sponsor...Angry Birds

The Caterham Formula One team has announced that driver Heikki Kovalainen will be sponsored by Angry Birds for the coming season, wearing the novelty helmet above.

For those of you that haven't caught onto the merrily macabre mobile avifaunal extermination extravaganza yet, you're missing out: Angry Birds has been downloaded onto over 12 million smartphones and tablets so far.
Many iterations have sprung from the original 2009 game, but they're all basically the same: destroy objects and animals by firing birds at them from a slingshot.

The game's journey into popular consciousness has taken a step further now, because the image of an angry bird will be plastered onto Kovalainen's head for the entire 2012 season.

Hopefully it's not some sort of indication as to how the Finnish driver going to perform.

Angry Birds' maker, Finnish company Rovio, says it will be releasing an F1 themed game soon, to celebrate. It has just published a new version of Angry Birds, called Space.

Kovalainen himself is very pleased with his new helmet, saying: "It's the first time that I've partnered with a gaming company, and it fits with my larger focus on partnering with unique brands.

"As a Finn, I'm also happy to be backing a Finnish company on a global platform. Most importantly, I'm a big Angry Birds fan!"

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