Skydiver terror as parachute fails to open at 5,000ft

Ruth Doherty

Skydiver terror as parachute fails to open at 5,000ft
Skydiver terror as parachute fails to open at 5,000ft

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The terrifying moment a skydiver's parachute failed to open at 5,000ft has been caught on camera.

The unnamed daredevil got a serious test of his nerves after coming out of a formation over a field in the town of Kirzach, near Moscow.

Fellow skydiver Michail Ivanov was taking pictures of the formation when he noticed the man get into trouble.

Fortunately, the man managed to cut away the twisted canopy and use his reserve.

Ivanov told the Daily Mail: "We had gone on a usual skydive, trying to make a heart-shaped formation. I was taking pictures from above when he deployed his chute and I could see that it hadn't opened properly.

"We were 1,500 metres up and he's an experienced skydiver so I knew he had time to cut away his parachute and open his reserve.

"Despite this, a cutaway is not what you do everyday."

He said that he was not concerned for the man as he knew he was experienced, and said he tried to take as many pictures as possible to show him afterwards.

Ivanov added: "I didn't know the guy but I had a chat with him after he landed safely. He said he did everything he was taught to do. He was a bit shocked but very happy.

"Anyway it's good he's fine. Something unexpected can always happen and it's good to see training coming into its own."

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