DVLA set for another 'JO11 LLY' big plate auction

The DVLA is about to hold another of its personal plate auctions, making 'JO11 LLY' available for a happy person, as well as, weirdly, the perfect plate for the stamp collector.

Well, perfect for a male stamp collector, really, or someone whose family name is stamp. Or a professional wrestler. Whatever, 'MR57 AMP' has been pulled out of the DVLA pool and is up for sale with a reasonable £400 reserve.
For the person called Keith that wishes to make it known to the world that his car belongs to him, 'KE11 THS' is on the table. And then there's 'H15 HGV', for a trucker that can't get enough of work.

The biggest reserve of the auction is £5,000, given to 16 O, followed by 5000 OO, at £2,900. It's because it's the phonetic spelling of 'Sue', we think. Or maybe it's for an especially enthusiastic lawyer?

Despite the auction having no plates boasting massive reserves, there are a couple with links to rare supercars, which could sell for big money if the right buyer comes along.

'ONE 77S' is a plate decent enough for one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77s that will ever come into existence (the limited production run isn't complete yet). With each one reportedly costing £1.2m - Aston has never divulged a price - it's likely that the person looking to stick a personal plate on theirs has a bob or two to spare; 'ONE 77S' has a £400 reserve.

'ALF 8C' and 'F599 EVO' both have £400 reserves too, despite both being suitable for supercars - namely the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, and the soon to be replaced Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

But our favourite plate of the auction is undoubtedly 'YOU 510W', because it makes every overtake an offensive gesture. Its reserve is a surprisingly low £350.

The auction will start on Wednesday (21 March) at the De Vere Village Hotel in Tingley, Leeds.

Other plates on sale in include: BU11 ARD (£1,500), DRA 600N (£400), ELV 15F (£450), E16 HTY (£350), FA11 OWS, LI54 000 (£400), MCN 115H (£350), TUR 80B (£400), W15 KER (£400), YES 810G (£350).
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