Just for men: Beer company creates blokes-only paradise island

Some blokes like to have a "man room" at home where they can seek solitude and do things they love - that we don't - like playing computer games and watching football.

But now Australian beer company XXXX Gold has gone one (or 100) better, and created an island paradise - just for men.

No "Sheilas" will be allowed at Pumpkin Island, where the company has secured a three-year lease to create a male-only hideaway, according to the Huffington Post.

The six hectare island sits in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and has been leased from owners John and Sonja Rumble, a South African couple who bought it in 2003 for $1.3 million through their company Sojourn Proprties Pty Ltd, according tonews.com.au.

They then gave Pumpkin Island to their son, Wayne Rumble, for his 27th birthday.

Now, 31, Wayne was recently made director of Sojourn Properties, and told news.com.au that the plan will "support the local community by involving the region's businesses in the island's development".

He added: "We believe this is a great opportunity for the island that will not only bring more people to the area, but will provide additional jobs and support the local community over the coming months and beyond."

Tourism Queensland CEO Anthony Hayes said the move was a considerable "coup" for Queensland.

A XXXX Gold spokeswoman said it was a great way to encourage "mates time", and ideas for activities on the island already include an "ingenious beer delivery system" and "one-hole golf course".

The beer company will send groups of four friends to the island, which has five "self-contained, eco-friendly beach cottages", in holidays won through promotions.

Before it officially opens in October, the team behind XXXX Island will be asking Aussies to share their thoughts via the website on what would truly make the island the ultimate destination for those who love the good life. Those Aussies with the best ideas will be in the running to earn a trip for them and three mates to the island valued at $10,000.

According to the website, current activities on the island include dolphins, turtles and whale-spotting, fishing the rich waters, snorkelling or experiencing the coral reefs from a glass bottom kayak, harvesting your own oysters off the rocks or simply wandering the secluded beaches.

Would you let your man go to Pumpkin Island? Let us know your thoughts below...

Celebrities with private islands
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Just for men: Beer company creates blokes-only paradise island

While filming Pirates of the Caribbean, A-list actor Johnny Depp fell in love with the lost-at-sea lifestyle, and snapped up his own piece of paradise in the Exumas area of the Bahamas. Little Halls Pond Cay - also comically dubbed 'F*** Off Island' by Johnny himself - runs exclusively on eco-friendly solar power, and Johnny snapped it up for £2.2 million back in 2004. 

Environmental crusader Leonardo DiCaprio added the 104-acre Blackadore Cay to his property portfolio in 2005. The Titanic actor bought the island - located between mainland Belize and Ambergris Caye - for around £1 million, and plans to to turn it into a resort offering eco tours. Let's hope he doesn't charter his own yacht trips - Leo and boats don't have a great history…

Any time country-singing star Faith Hill and her actor husband Tim McGraw fancy escaping the ranch, they just jet off to their own slice of paradise in the Exumas area of the Bahamas, where they own a fully developed private island complete with crystalline sandy beaches and trails.

Singing sensation Celine Dion warbled herself all the way to owning a luxury French chateau-style retreat on her very own island in Quebec. Il Gagnon is located on the Mille Iles River, where tourists can get a little peak of the property on a local boat tour.

Magician - and former flame of Claudia Schiffer - David Copperfield owns a 150-acre island not too far from neighbours Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage. Famous guests at the exclusive getaway include John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey. Got £200,000 to spare? You too could stay at this haven for a week… No? Us neither. Perhaps we could ask David to make it magically appear in our bank account. After all, he does claim to have an insect-resurrecting stream on his island, so surely making money appear from nowhere is child's play...

At 5,400 acres, Mel Gibson's Fijian heaven is one of the largest privately-owned islands in the South Pacific. Mel purchased it for £5.7m back in 2005. Aside from a relatively modest private residence, the island remains untouched - and Mel plans on keeping it that way.

Long-time Bahamian resident Nicholas Cage already owns a house on the luxurious Paradise Island, but snapped up an undeveloped island in the Exumas chain, close to Johnny Depp's oasis, back in 2006. The savvy actor reportedly bought the hideaway for £2m, and has now put it up for sale for a princely sum of £4.5 million.

Rooster Cay seems the perfect name for funnyman Eddie Murphy's Bahamian island bolthole. The isle is situated just 5 minutes away from the mainland town of Nassau, and sits on its own 15 acres of land. It hasn't been confirmed whether Eddie is keeping it solely for personal use, or whether he'll turn it into a resort, but if he chooses the latter, we're sure he'll be laughing all the way to the bank...

Livin' la Vida Loca singer Ricky Martin is certainly livin' the high life after bagging a private island in the ultra-exclusive resort area of Angra dos Reis, where South America's gorgeous and glamorous flock in their droves.

Formula 1 star Michael Schumacher parked up on a private island in Dubai's World Project - for free. Yes, you read that right. Development company Nakeel created the World Project with 300 man-made isles brought up from the sea floor, which were then made to resemble continents and countries. While Richard Branson bought 'Great Britain' (of course), Dubai's crown prince very kindly gave Michael 'Antarcica' as a retirement present. And the island, worth around £4.5 million, came complete with a home fit for a king, a beach, and landscaped gardens.

Serial private island-purchaser Sir Richard Branson surely kickstarted the trend single-handedly. The billionaire Virgin boss's most famous spot is his Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, which he uses with his family, as well as hosting reams of famous guests, from Kate Winslet to Steven Spielberg. Along with his other haven in the BVI, Mosquito Islands, he also owns Makepeace Island in Australia, which he reportedly plans to turn into a resort for Virgin staff, and the World Project's Great Britain in Dubai.


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