Video: Porsche 911 vs. Yamaha R1...on ice

Porsche 911 vs. Yamaha R1 on ice
It's the classic battle: can a 911 beat a superbike around a track? But it's never been put on ice before...until now. (We understand - we accept we might be wrong, dear trolls.)

Clearly someone's been watching too many minor celebrity-laden light entertainment shows on telly. But not to worry, because watching a Porsche 911 GT3 RS powersliding on ice alongside a Yamaha R1 is far more entertaining than seeing someone from Eastenders fall **** over face in a sparkly shirt.
The video is from Franch mag Moto Journal, who clearly decided that Top Gear shouldn't be allowed to have all the pointless educational fun.

So, here's a video of a man in a cape doing 160mph over ice on a superbike. Quality.

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