'Fight over boyfriend' forces plane to make emergency landing

'Fight over boyfriend' forces plane to make emergency landingPA

A passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing mid-flight after a fight over a boyfriend broke out between two women.

JetBlue flight 923 between Boston and Chicago was diverted to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport in New York, over fears that one of the women was carrying a bomb.

Authorities received a call from a woman to say that a female passenger on board posed a threat, giving her name and seat number.

The pilot was immediately alerted and told to make an emergency landing.

Authorities at Buffalo airport believe that the hoax call stemmed from a dispute between the two women, and some passengers confirmed that they had been arguing over a boyfriend.

Speaking to Fox News, Sandra Rodriguez, a passenger on the plane, said: "She was in the front row and about five people overheard her say 'the plane is coming down', meaning the plane was going to explode or something.

"What happened was she had got a phonecall from the boyfriend's girlfriend. She told the girl that the plane was going to come down - that she was going to bomb the plane."

The passengers were unaware of the problem until after they had landed.

"They told us there was a problem with the plane. They didn't tell us there was a problem with one of the passengers," said Ms Rodriguez.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought onto the aircraft to sniff all baggage and passengers. No explosives were found, but the woman was detained and questioned. The plane was allowed to take off again, arriving in Chicago four hours late.

The passenger was later released without charge, but the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston have located the hoax caller and charges are pending.
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