Union to hold rail day of action

RMT leader Bob CrowA leading rail workers' union is to hold a day of action during next week's Budget to warn of higher fares, job losses and ticket office closures.

The Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will launch a "highly visible" campaign at railway stations across the country, urging travellers to contact their local MPs about the future of the railways following last week's Government response to the McNulty review of the industry.
The RMT said it will be specifically targeting South West Trains, which runs services from London Waterloo across southern England.

General secretary Bob Crow said: "On Budget day, RMT and our supporters will be stepping up the fight for a railway free from profiteering and exploitation and in support of the principle of transport run under public ownership as a public service.

"If the train operators get their way, they will seize control of infrastructure and drag us back to the lethal days of Railtrack that led us to Hatfield and Potters Bar.

"They will also throw the guards off the trains, close ticket offices and de-staff stations, turning the whole railway system into a criminal's paradise where yobs, vandals and muggers have a free run."

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