Two men arrested at Heathrow after 'disruptive comments' on BA flight

Two men arrested at Heathrow after 'disruptive comments' on British Airways  flight from Las VegasPA

Two men were arrested at Heathrow Airport today after making "inappropriate" comments and being disruptive on a British Airways plane flying from Las Vegas to London.

The pair, thought to be Israeli, were alleged to have been making repeated comments about Iran, according to the Daily Mail.

One source told Sky News that the men were "repeatedly disruptive during the flight and had made inappropriate and potentially threatening comments regarding Iran and the possible route of the aircraft."

The pilot became concerned and radioed ahead; armed police then boarded the plane and arrested the men when it landed at Terminal 5 at around 3pm.

According to The Sun, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said : "There is no indication of any danger to any passenger or plane during its journey."

British Airways confirmed a Vegas to London flight was met by police, and apologised for any inconvenience to passengers, according to the Washington Post.

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