New Hyundai Santa Fe revealed

Hyundai has released the first images of the third-generation Santa Fe. Curiously, it has chosen to do this the week after the Geneva show, perhaps on the grounds that everyone else showed all their new cars at Geneva, so Hyundai gets maximum exposure for the Santa Fe.

Whatever the reason, the new Santa Fe looks pretty good. We would quote Hyundai's own description but, frankly, it does not make much sense. Hyundai says the new Santa Fe is "more aggressive and classic" than its predecessor, which is a bit like saying it is "bigger and smaller". We reckon the sharp creases along the sides and the upswept line of the rear side window make it look quite dynamic.

Unusually, we would say it looks better than its arch rival - not a VW, or a Ford, but the Kia Sorento. Hyundai and Kia are like two drivers in the same Formula One team – they both want to be the best. Mostly Kias are now better looking than their equivalent Hyundais, but we think Hyundai might have won this round.

There are no details yet of the mechanical specification, but it is bound to be pretty close to the Sorento, as Hyundai and Kia now share platforms for all their models. So expect a 2.2 diesel and a seven seat option – although those rear windows might make the third row of seats a rather claustrophobic place to be.

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