The Geneva Motor Show's most rare and unusual cars

All the talk at Geneva might be fastest Ferrari this and ugliest Bentley that, but it's not all supercars and hideously ugly cash cow SUVs.

Much of the hall space is taken up by stuff you've never heard of and/or will probably never see in real life...but that's still well worth taking a look at. Here's a miscellany of the Geneva Motor Show's rare and unusual.

Marussia B2

This is the second version of Russia's first ever supercar, which will go into production shortly, built by Finnish car manufacturer Valmet Automotive - responsible for knocking together the Porsche Boxster and Cayman. A few hundred will be made from the end of this year, each powered by a 3.5-litre Cossie engine available in various states of tune. The quickest version, with about 400bhp, hits 62mph in just over three seconds, apparently.

Magna-Steyr Mila Coupic

Like the Marussia above, the Mila Coupic is the obscure product of a company more versed in making very famous cars. In this case it's Magna-Steyr, responsible for building the Fiat 500C and Merc SLK, among others. The Mila Coupic is part convertible, part SUV and part pick-up truck. Nobody will buy it, so it will never be made.

Belumbury Dany

This is Italian, believe it or not. You will believe that it's electric, we're sure, because all small and obscure new cars are. We're told it's officially a quadricycle because it will only hit 59mph, thanks to a puny 13bhp motor. A two-cylinder petrol engine is available as well, though, with about 20bhp - one for the speed freaks, that. The Dany's body is made of plastic, so it's light - but you probably wouldn't want to have a prang in one.

ItalDesign Guigiaro Brivido

Volkswagen was so busy making ever more wacky and pointless versions of the Up that it didn't have time to make a proper, futuristic concept. So, it asked this little, world famous design house that it happens to own to do one instead. The Guigiaro Brivido was born. It's never getting made, which is a shame, because it's very quick, very economical, very stylish and has four seats.

Cisitalia 202 E Concept

Designed by IED students in Turin, the Cisitalia 202 is made in homage to the Pininfarina-designed 1947 sports car of the same name. Less than 200 of the original were produced, and it's become something of a design classic. This new one, with its ever-so-slightly phallic bonnet, probably won't.

Sbarro Intencity Concept

Another work from the laptops of design students, this time at the Espera Sbarro school in France, the Intencity is an electric sports car with 1+1 seating. As you can see, driver and passenger are allowed access through a massive, front-hinged canopy, a bit like the Gordon Murray T25 city car. It's electric, naturally, with a 134bhp motor and batteries apparently good for a 110-mile range.

Volteis V+ by Philippe Starck

The work of French product design guru Philippe Starck, the V+ is as knowingly minimalist and functional as the rest of his work; it's basically a frame with four wicker chairs and a wicker storage basket instead of a dashboard. It's the ultimate hippymobile, powered by electricity and no doubt with an overall carbon footprint equivalent to the average pot plant. Euro NCAP might have something to say about it, though.

Touring Superleggera Disco Volante

This stunning thing is built using the inner parts of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competitzione, and can be yours if you own of the £100,000 Alfa supercars, and are willing to give it to Touring Superleggera and wait for about six months. How much it'll cost isn't clear, but what is clear is that there won't be too many of them about. Shame.

Delphi Sbarro F1for3

The F1for3 is another odd car with Franco Sbarro's hand in it, like the Intencity concept above. This is nothing like the Intencity, though. It's clear where the 'F1' part of the name comes from just by looking at it, although this car, amazingly, can take a pair of passengers along with the driver. It's internet-ready, can stream television, and has voice recognition. Want one? Get over it - never gonna happen.

Lamborghini Aventador J

Lamborghini is famous for making limited run, very expensive production cars, like the Reventon - but Lamborghinis get no more rare than the Aventador J. Only one will be made. The J is a track version of the Aventador supercar with no top half. Of course, Lamborghini could cheat and, say, produce an extremely similar version called the Aventador J2, and build 100 of them. Every one would sell with 30 seconds, no matter the price. Rich people...honestly.

Maybach 57 S

Eh? What's this doing here? Maybach has been an unqualified failure for Mercedes, what with the company losing hundreds of thousands on every one sold. That didn't stop Mercedes wheeling one to the Geneva Show, perhaps as a visual reminder to the suits over at Bentley that even really rich people won't just buy anything because it's expensive.
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