Seal lost in Britain to be flown back to Iceland

Ruth Doherty


A sanctuary in Skegness are trying save enough money to fly a lost seal back to Iceland.

Hooded seal, Eve, is being cared for at the Natureland sanctuary after being found on a beach at Chapel St Leonards back in December 2011.

The pup had already been rescued and released by a sanctuary in Friedrichskoog, Germany, in October.

Staff there had fitted her with a tracking device, which showed she turned south upon reaching north Scotland.

Sanctuary director Duncan Yeadon said they had already received a number of large donations, and are throwing a fundraising disco to help raise the rest of the cash needed to fly her home.

He told the BBC: "It's captured the imagination of the local people and we've had a lot of help and support to raise funds for her release."

He added that the tracking device was not causing her discomfort, and would fall off when she moulted in a couple of months' time.

A hooded seal is an Arctic seal in which males have a bizarre inflatable 'hood' on their heads, and can also inflate their nasal cavity out through their nostrils like a red balloon.

They are usually found in waters around Iceland and Canada.

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