Family of four kicked off flight because of screaming toddler

Family kicked off flight because of screaming baby toddler

A family of four has been kicked off a holiday flight - because their two-year-old had a tantrum.

Collette Vieau, her husband, and her two daughters aged three and two, were flying to Boston from the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean when the youngest, Natalie, started having playing up and refused to sit in her seat, reports WJAR-TV news. Scroll down for the video.

The parents eventually managed to get her to sit and fastened her seatbelt, but the JetBlue flight captain ruled that it was unsafe to take off.

Speaking to the news station, Dr. Vieau said: "Just some consideration, a little bit of humanity in the situation was really all I was looking for. Apparently, that doesn't exist."

As there were no more flights that evening, the family had to pay $2,000 for hotel accommodation and to rebook their flights.

Dr. Vieau said: "We did what we were asked to do. We weren't belligerent, drunk, angry or screaming. We were just having a hard time struggling with our children."

A statement from the airline said that the flight "had customers that did not comply with crew member instructions for a prolonged time period. The captain elected to remove the customers involved for the safety of all customers and crew members on board."

Mrs. Vieau believes that the lack of humanity towards families travelling with children has become commonplace: " I don't know if I could blame JetBlue, to be totally fair. I just feel like it's aeroplane travel in general."

Airlines are coming under increasing pressure to consider 'child-free' zones on planes, while a recent Tripadvisor poll found that the majority of air travellers would volunteer to pay extra to fly on a child-free plane.

The poll also found that the one quarter of parents who have flown with children under the age of three claim to have experienced negative reactions from fellow passengers.

Have we become too intolerant of children on planes? Tell us your opinions below!

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