Video: What if GTA carjacking victims got revenge?

If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto you'll probably (unless you walked EVERYWHERE) have stolen a few virtual cars.

You may have nicked them from the side of the street. You may have stood in the middle of traffic and yanked the poor virtual driver from their seat and stolen their pride and joy right in front of them. But what would you have done if they decided to get their car back at all costs? Web video hero Freddie Wong had an idea.
Ok, so Freddie's vehicle recovery service involves a few risky moves and a rather grizzly end, but in the realms of the various Grand Theft Auto universes (each numbered game kicks off a new one, y'see) it's not implausible that such retribution could happen.

Before you get worried – no filthy car thieves were harmed in the making of this video. More's the shame for it.

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