Hotel guests find baby pig in the lobby (and it wasn't on the menu)

Baby pig found in hotel lobbyHolidaymakers staying at a hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, were surprised to find a five-week-old piglet running around their lobby.

No one has the remotest idea what the baby pig was doing there. But suckling pig is a delicacy in these parts - a classic dish is kalua, or roast suckling pig cooked on hot rocks and banana leaves.

But this little piggy wasn't destined for the dinner plate. The bewitched hotel guests called the Hawaiian Humane Society to come and rescue her, and she's already getting lots of attention on the humane society's Facebook page.

The piglet has been named Pukalani and her carers say: "She won't be available for adoption for another few weeks, and she needs a home with a big yard or farm. Serious potential adopters who want to meet her should contact us."

Image: AP

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