Apple unveils 'new iPad'

Computer giant Apple has revealed the newest incarnation of its market-leading tablet computer the iPad to the world.

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The device breaks with the numerical naming convention and has been simply dubbed "The new iPad" by Apple, which unveiled the device to the world in San Francisco yesterday.

It features a much improved resolution compared to previous iPads, with 3.1 million pixels making it sharper than a HD television. It also has a five-megapixel rear camera and can shoot 1080p video footage.

It will be powered by a new A5X chip which has improved graphics performance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the tablet would be the company's flagship "post PC" product - and he insisted that he stood by a previous prediction that tablets would become more common than home PCs.

It is 9.4mm thick and the basic 16GB model (just with wi-fi) will cost £399, while the top-of-the-range 64GB model with wi-fi and 4G will cost £659. The existing iPad 2 will still be sold at a reduced price of £329.

There is no 4G network in the UK at present and there is unlikely to be coverage for at least a year.

The new iPad is expected to go on sale on Friday, March 16.

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