Train driver sacked for 'eating hash cakes'

Ruth Doherty

Train driver sacked for 'eating hash cake'
Train driver sacked for 'eating hash cake'


A train driver says he was unfairly dismissed - after eating a cake containing cannabis without even realising it.

Barry Burnett was awarded a £2,300 payout for being sacked from his £22,000 a year job with Southeastern trains after failing a drug test at Victoria Station.

Mr Burnett confessed to taking drugs in the past, but said this time around he had been to the funeral of an old friend's father, and had unwittingly eaten hash cakes.

His friend of 25 years, Alison Thompson, confirmed 'traditional delicacies' containing cannabis resin had been served.

Mr Burnett said he did not know the food contained cannabis, although bosses were sceptical of his "unconvincing excuse".

A central London employment tribunal ruled that a letter from Ms Thompson meant that "no reasonable employer" could reject his claims completely.

A spokesman for the company told the Metro: "We take the safety of our passengers and staff extremely seriously and for that reason we have an absolute zero-tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol."

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