Geneva Motor Show: Tesla Model X

You may know Tesla for its dinky sports car, the Roadster, but it has two more in the offing – the Model S saloon and this, the Model X SUV... thing.

It'll carry seven people in comfort and will apparently take them up to 270 miles on a single charge; that's probably because its extra size means there's room for acres of batteries. Its batteries are buried deep within its floor which gives it fantastically low centre of gravity.
Being all-electric, it'll hit 62mph in less time than a Porsche 911, around 4.4 seconds. The Carrera takes a sloth-like 4.6 seconds. Stuttgart best consider itself schooled.

In the practicality stakes the Model X may just be a winner. Getting in and out is taken care of with a set of 'falcon' doors (think gullwing but more falcon-y) which are apparently very space efficient and should go some way to combating car park dings.

There's also the promise of two boots – one in the front and one in the back – thanks to its hidden batteries and small motor. So that's why they say it can seat seven and all their stuff...

Infotainment is taken care of by a massive 17-inch touch screen in the centre console.

2013 is the due date for the Model X, along with Model S, and it'll set buyers back $50-90,000 (£32-57,000).

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