Geneva Motor Show: SEAT Toledo Concept

If you can draw your gaze away from the pretty lady to the car behind her, you'll see the next addition to SEAT's line up, the Toledo. Well, you'll see the concept version, which is largely the same as the road-goer, but with bigger wheels and a model attached to the passenger door.

The current Toldeo has been around for a while and hasn't exactly been a sales success. You see, it looked like the Altea but with a boot sort of plonked onto the back. She wasn't pretty (unlike the model).
We've gone into more detail about the Toledo before
, so let's cut to the chase – it's slightly longer than the Leon (due to be refreshed soon) and has a 500-litre boot.

It'll come with plenty of engines (some eco, some less so) and SEAT's looking forward to charging you a sensible amount of money for one.

Oh, and it'll be out before the end of the year.

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