Geneva Motor Show: Rinspeed Dock+Go

The Geneva Motor Show wouldn't be complete without a concept from crazy Swiss firm, Rinspeed. This year the company has produced another confusing slice of auto-oddness, the Dock+Go EV.

We've been talking about this car for a fair few months now and it's beginning to make a fair bit of sense.
You see, while it looks simply like Rinspeed has glued a trailer to the back of a Smart EV there's actually a bit more to it.

Using a system called VarioHybrid each of the backpacks carry their own motors and batteries. When one isn't being used it'll turn the energy its spinning wheels creates and turn it into juice for itself, another backpack or the Smart its attached to.

Having up to two backpacks on the car not only makes the Smart look like a miniature pickup, but will allow it to go pretty far without a lengthy recharge break. It's also handy that the backpacks can be used for extra storage, as a mobile pizza oven or a sound system.

Inside it's all tech all the time, as it were. A central touch screen links up with a smartphone (which cleverly docks into the steering wheel) to show both driver and passenger what's going on at any time.

It may look truly bizarre, but it's really rather clever.

Geneva isn't only about odd Swiss concept cars - find out what it's REALLY about here.
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