Geneva Motor Show: Renault Zoe

This, ladies and gentle folk, is the production version of the Renault Zoe, which you'll be able to buy this autumn - and may actually be tempted to, because it'll be the cheapest electric car on sale in the UK, by some distance.

With a price tag under £14,000, once the £5,000 Government plug-in car grant has been applied, it's five figures cheaper than the (slightly bigger) Nissan Leaf.
However, any buyer will have to pay £70 per month to lease the battery, Renault having decided to go down that particular sales route because it "halves the price of the car," according to Renault marketing bod Stephen Norman. Renault hopes that it will become the biggest selling electric car in the world, by far.

The Zoe has an 89bhp electric motor linked to a battery pack stored under the floor, and although it sits its occupants higher than the Renault Clio supermini, it's about the same size.

Its range is slightly bigger than the Leaf's, theoretically, quoted at anywhere between 60- and 130 miles depending on driving conditions. Its top speed is 89mph, so it's motorway-friendly, for a short distance at least.

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