Geneva Motor Show: MINI Clubvan concept

MINI Clubvan concept
Whether the future of van driving is here remains to be seen, but the MINI Clubvan concept unveiled at Geneva is a premium van that is sure to attract small business owners even if it's purely for the badge.

Yet another market niche to complement the not-so-mini model range, this Clubvan is the modern recreation of the Morris Mini Van released in 1960.
As the name suggests, it follows the Clubman platform just with no rear windows and only two seats to maximise load space. An aluminium partition separates the cabin and the rear walls and roof are trimmed with cloth.

The Clubman split rear doors remain as does the right-hand suicide door so you can presumably sling paint pots or garden shears into the back without too much effort.

Each clubvan can be specced to the requirements of the customer with options such as bespoke drawers, shelves and 12-volt plug sockets.

Would you like to see MINI put the Clubvan into production? Let us know below.

MINI Clubvan concept

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