Geneva Motor Show: Infiniti EMERG-E

This year Infiniti decided to buck the trend for making eco cars and announced a 6.0-litre V8 SUV... no, wait, not that. Not that at all. No, Infiniti has released the EMERG-E concept car, a range extended take on the sports car.

The EMERG-E is essentially a sporty take on the Chevrolet Volt. How sporty? Well, Infiniti wants to take on Porsche's 911 for one.
Thing is, it can, almost, do it. We reported on the EMERG-E when the first details were released and had a stab at what we thought its state would be like. Here's our guess:

Range: 150 miles
Top Speed: 130mph
0-62mph: 4.5 seconds
Recharge time: 3-8 hours depending on charge point

And this is what it'll actually do...

Range: 30 miles (electric only - range extended mileage unknown)
Top Speed: 130mph
0-62mph: 4.0seconds
Recharge time: Unknown

So we got almost one right. That's not too bad.

Anyway, after the EMERG-E has reached 62mph, keep your foot nailed for another 26 seconds and it'll get to 130mph. Which is fast. Very fast.

You'll get 30 miles of EV travel before its two electric motors run flat, then it powers up its three-cylinder petrol engine to power the motors and keep you on the road.

We'll take one. In black. Batman would have one in black.

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