Geneva Motor Show: Hyundai i-oniq concept

Having shown off what you can actually buy this year, Hyundai's lifted the lid on what its future is. The i-oniq concept is Hyundai's equivalent of a film trailer that starts: "In 2023, Huyndai will release an awesome looking car. For now all you can do is look upon it. And dribble."

Still, while its look is pretty sweet, under its skin lies some very clever tech indeed.
We've written about the i-oniq before
and praised its evolved take on Hyundai's signature 'fluidic sculpture' looks, though thought it had some inspiration from many other vehicles...

It's powered by a system similar to the Chevrolet Volt. A 60bhp three-cylinder petrol engine acts as a generator for a 109bhp electric motor. The petrol motor and the wheels never communicate – the electric motor does all the driving, as it were. This means that theoretically it can go 74 miles on electric drive alone then, with petrol-generated assistance, it'll go up to 434 miles while emitting only 45g/km CO2.

Inside the cabin is driver focussed and full of trick technology to make your journey go by as quickly and easily as possible.

Passengers will also be pleased, as the cabin is designed to be as comfortable as can be thanks to its 'lounge-style' space.

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