Geneva Motor Show: Honda CR-V Prototype

See that car in the picture above? That's almost the brand spanking new Honda CR-V.

It's 'almost' it because that's actually a prototype for the newest incarnation of Honda's evergreen SUV.
Despite the fact that it's already on sale in the US of A, we'll be getting a mildly different version in the UK and Europe.

This time round we're getting a more aggressive car with deeper sculpting and a more imposing grille. It's also more aerodynamic than the car it replaces – a bonus if ever there was one.

Honda says the new Euro CR-V will come with more efficient engines than the old model. Perhaps we'll see the trick new 1.6-litre i-DTEC Earth Dreams Technology unit Honda also launched at the show.

We'll see the finished article at the Paris Motor Show in September. For now, though, imagine the car you see above, now make it look ever so slightly cheaper (yup, like that), make the shiny bits less shiny and drab it up a little bit. And there you have it, the production version of the fourth generation Honda CR-V. It's a darn sight better than the current one.

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