Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari California

Ferrari California Geneva
Ferrari, having launched its most mentalist series production car ever at the Geneva Show, has also wheeled out a more beefy version of its limpest car, the California.

Lighter and more powerful, the new California now has 483bhp from its 4.3-litre V8, up from 453bhp, with a bit more torque.
Ferrari has removed lard from the California via the complicated and impressive route of changing the way the body is fashioned, basically by using a greater proportion of aluminium.

All-in-all, the changes equate to a mere tenth of a second chopped from the 0-62mph time - though we're certain it'll feel a hell of a lot sharper to drive generally.

Buyers will also be able, from now on, to specify a 'Handling Speciale' package (we have no idea how that translates from Italian), which modifies the steering and suspension for an even more focused driving experience.

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