Air passenger jailed after 'fight over nail polish'

Ruth Doherty

Air passenger jailed after 'fight over nail polish'
Air passenger jailed after 'fight over nail polish'


A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight was jailed for 10 hours following a row over nail polish.

Jeanie Daniels was asked by a flight attendant to stop painting her nails because of the smell, according to ABC13.

But the fight was exacerbated when Ms Daniels decided to try and finish the paint job in the bathroom on the flight from Texas to California on 26 February 2012.

According to, two police officers were waiting to arrest her when the plane landed at Hobby Airport, Texas.

A judge later dismissed the charge of using "abusive profane language".

It seems the smallest of things will get some air passengers riled. Back in January, two air passengers nearly came to blows after a teenager reclined his seat as the man behind him was just about to tuck into his in-flight meal.

When the hungry man, 38, asked the 18-year-old to put his seat straight while he ate, he refused and the pair started hurling insults at each other before getting out of their seats.

Cabin crew on the Emirates flight from Dubai to Manchester were called to defuse the situation, and the captain of the Airbus A380 was so concerned he radioed ahead and alerted the police.

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