Geneva Motor Show: Volkswagen Cross Coupé

The people's brand is taking on Geneva with aplomb in 2012 with a wide variety of concepts and production models to suit pretty much everyone's needs.

First up is the incredibly efficient and quick Cross Coupé concept. It's powered by a 2.0-litre TDI engine with 187bhp which is twinned with an 85bhp electric motor at the front and a 114bhp 'leccy mill at the rear – giving a combined total of 302bhp.
Torque-wise the diesel engine provides 295lb ft, while the electric motors provide 133- and 199lb ft respectively, so it's packing 516lb ft. With those figures under the hood it can hit 62mph in just 6.5 seconds and will top 137mph.

Its electric motors, funnily enough, give it EV pretentions – it can travel up to 28 miles at speeds up to 75mph. Bearing in mind the average commute is around 25 miles, you can end up using no fuel at all.

There are two EV modes – E-mode (City) in which only the rear, more powerful electric motor is used, and E-mode (Sport) which uses both motors for maximum performance. The TDI engine is used like a generator in these modes, like a Chevrolet Volt.

There are many other driving modes to choose from – OFFROAD sees the TDI engine power the front while the rear electric motor backs it up, SPORT turns everything up to 12 for maximum fun, and CITY ensures everything's as efficient as possible.

There are no plans to put it into production... yet.

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