Geneva Motor Show: Volkswagen BlueGT

Volkswagen's keen to keep things green, but also show that you can have fun while doing so.

Its solution to this is the Polo BlueGT. It's an economical, quick, fun little warm hatch designed to provide thrills that don't break the bank.Its power comes from a 138bhp 1.4-litre engine. With a manual gearbox it'll manage 60mpg and 108g/km CO2. Get yourself in a DSG and you'll hit 62.8mpg and 105g/km.

How? Cylinder deactivation - when the car doesn't need to be running on all four cylinders, such as when you're cruising or pootling around town, it will (thanks to a really clever camshaft) deactivate the middle two.

When it's running at full chat, however, the BlueGT will hit 62mph from rest in just 7.9 seconds and it'll top out at 130mph. Pretty impressive for a dinky ecowagon. We've seen the tech before on an Audi A1, and it's very, very clever.

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