Geneva Motor Show: Suzuki G70

Suzuki is canny when it comes to building small cars - it's the reason why Volkswagen got into bed with it a couple of years ago. The relationship ended spectacularly unceremoniously, but that's another story.

Anyway, this is Suzuki's latest take on our diminutive future. Called the G70, it has an 800cc turbo engine and weighs less than Cheryl Cole's dinner.
At 730kg it's about half the weight of a family hatchback, and thanks to such fuel saving measures as start-stop, brake energy recapture and an economical automatic gearbox, it spits out just 70g/km of CO2 - hence the name. That's amazing for a fairly conventional petrol-engined car.

The odd shape, incorporating rear wheel spats, is crafted in the wind tunnel - this is a slippery thing. The front-end design is thought to point towards the next Alto city car, too.

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