Geneva Motor Show: Giugiaro Brivido

Famed Italian design house ItalDesign Guigiaro has rocked up to Geneva with a stunning coupé called the Brivido. The word means "thrill".

The gullwing-doored GT is longer in real life than the pictures make it look, and has space to seat four in relative comfort.
ItalDesign Guigiaro is owned by Volkswagen, and the Brivido uses a VW chassis and a drivetrain that mates a 355bhp V6 petrol engine to an electric motor. That means it's very quick and quite environmentally friendly: 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds with 154g/km CO2. Cleaner than many a family hatchback.

Despite the Volkswagen connection and working drivetrain, there's no suggestion that this is anything other than classic motor show concept fodder - it won't have a SEAT badge on it any time soon.

The wing mirrors are actually cameras, it has LED light strips down the bonnet, 21-inch alloy wheels and is made from an expensive combination of carbon fibre and lots of glass.

And, of course, an iPad is integrated into the dashboard. How inventive.

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