Video: Chevy creates a sitcom to promote local dealers

What do you think of car dealers? Are they honest, hardworking folk who have your best interests at heart? Or are you under the impression that they're only after your money?

Whichever view you hold, selling cars is still a tricky business. So Chevrolet in the US has decided to show the human side of its dealers with a series of webisodes dubbed 'Under the Blue Arch'.If you're familiar with the American version of The Office the format won't come as a surprise to you. There are lots of people who have a different 'zany' role in the dealership and will, no doubt, develop some odd relationships as the season progresses.

However, it's surprisingly funny and has lots of potential. Though let's hope Chevy doesn't go too overboard on the sales pitches. Subtle pitches good, blatantness bad.

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