Samsung Galaxy SIII 'to launch next month'

Stacey King

The successor to Samsung's market-leading Android smartphone - the Galaxy SII - is claimed to be scheduled to hit UK stores in April.

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The Korean electronics giant had been expected to reveal details of its next flagship handset the Galaxy SIII at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona.

But it said it was waiting until closer to launch - and now tech website ZDNet Korea claims it has confirmed the April launch with the company's advertising agency.

No details have been officially revealed, but tech blog Boy Genius Report says it has gleaned some key info from insiders.

It claims the phone will have a 1.5ghz quad-core CPU, a 4.8-inch and 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera - and will run Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).

The blog also claims that its own sources have suggested an April launch for the new device.

A statement issued by Samsun prior to the MWC said: "The successor to the Galaxy SII smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product."

What do you reckon? Can the Galaxy SIII beat the iPhone 5? Comment below...