New Hyundai i20 is a stylish, dirt-cheap Fiesta rival

Hyundai has shown the second-generation Hyundai i20, a pretty Ford Fiesta rival that will, when it hits the showrooms, boast the most eco-friendly conventional engine on sale in the UK.

A 1.1-litre three-cylinder diesel engine with 74bhp will spit out just 84g/km of CO2, and although we don't have the official combined economy figure yet, it's a banker it'll be north of 80mpg.
Giving the timing of the announcement, it's fairly obvious that the i20 will get its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors tomorrow. We'll see the interior then.

Another sub-100g/km diesel will join the fray, this one with four cylinders and of 1.4-litre capacity. So, at least two i20s will cost nothing to get a VED floppy disc for.

We'll get lots of proper info tomorrow, but Hyundai has already spilled one of the most earth-shattering facts about the car: it's 55mm longer than the last i20. That's an extra five and a half centimetres, all for you.

Of the styling, Hyundai says this: "The debut of the All New i20 sees the introduction of fluidic sculpture form language to Hyundai's supermini. The revised exterior design carries the hallmarks of Hyundai styling, including the company's signature hexagonal grille and new headlamp units.

"Updating their own design from the original i20, the stylists at Hyundai's European design studio have further modernised the All New i20 with a more contemporary profile for the front and rear bumpers, a new sculpted bonnet and new wheel designs."

As with all Hyundais it will come with a five-year warranty when it goes on sale later this year.
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