Bank customer debit cards declined

Yorkshire Bank signShoppers across the country were literally left penniless when a malfunction stopped them from paying for purchases using their debit card.

A flurry of people took to social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to complain about problems paying for things with their Yorkshire Bank debit cards.
Tracy Petty wrote: "Can't believe just bn 2 pay rest o my hols money on my card n wouldn't let me pay it that's Yorkshire bank 4 u. Thanks 2 my wonderful b. Friend we can still go coz he payed."

Twitter was rife with similar complaints.

Northern-Munky tweeted: "Yorkshire Bank, doing a bang up job of ruining my day with the kids. £13 lunch bill declined, despite online banking showing plenty. CHEERS."

Sam G wrote: "Apparently there's a problem with Yorkshire bank so can't pay for my shopping or get cash out."

CraigD89 tweeted: "Yorkshire Bank maestro declined for no apparent reason when trying to buy a load of stuff from M&S in Leeds. Frustrating and embarrassing."

A spokesman for Yorkshire Bank said they were experiencing problems with some customer MasterCard debit transactions but said credit card payments were unaffected and the bank's ATM network was working.

"We are working our partners First Data, who operate our network, and MasterCard, the card provider, to resolve this," he said.

"We have put advice on the online banking site and recorded telephone messages to advise customers of the issue and that the ATMs work normally and also to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused."
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