Prince Harry dances Creole in Belize

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Prince Harry dancing with locals Belize
Prince Harry dancing with locals Belize


Prince Harry's first solo royal tour has kicked off in good spirits - literally - as the third in line to the throne drank rum with locals and even showed off his disco techniques with a Creole dancer. Scroll down for the video!

At a party laid on to celebrate his grandmother's sixtieth year on the throne, he charmed the crowds with his informal approach.

As he watched a dance demonstration performed by traditional Creole Dancers in Belize's capital, Belmopan, one of the dancers asked him to join in - and he bashfully accepted.

Doing a dance known as a Bruk Dong Bram, Harry twirled energetically with his partner, Miss Denese Enriquez. She told the Sun newspaper afterwards: "He lost me there with his move.... he was just smiling, which was great because it looked like he was enjoying himself."

His first hours in the country also found him climbing a Mayan pyramid in the ancient city of Xunatunich, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Belize.

The prince is on a week-long tour of Belize as the Queen's representative in her Diamond Jubilee year. The trip will also include visits to the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Belize is a Commonwealth realm with a population of 350,000. With tropical jungle, diverse wildlife and a coastline that boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world, it relies heavily on tourism, and Harry has been welcomed with open arms.

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