Fiat recruits Charlie Sheen for winning Abarth ad

We love a good, creative ad over here. The Superbowl in the US brought out the best in the various brands' creative departments and we got to see some pretty impressive stuff.

Fiat's Abarth 500 ad featured a model being... bendy and rather alluring (it's embedded below), but it turns out the Italian brand had another ad up its sleeve. A terrible cash-in on a tired meme. The meme of 'winning'.
Not just any 'winning' though – Charlie Sheen 'winning'. Which if it was launched this time last year would have been rather amusing. Now...

The ad's called 'House Arrest' and features Sheen incarcerated in his mansion. Sheen being the party animal he is decides not to wallow in self pity but to hold a shindig for himself and lots of young, attractive women (if you say you wouldn't do the same in his situation you're liar, by the by).

Anyway, rather than party with the crowd, get them all smashed and retire to his love den in the west wing for a movie and a spoon, he decides to ignore his guests and drive a 500 Abarth around his pad.

The reason behind this is to demonstrate that if you, like Sheen, have a mansion and walking's too much like hard work you can have a small Italian hatch to get you from the kitchen to the living room. Well, as long as it's green-screened.

Here's the Sheen ad:

And here's the one you'll be thinking about later:

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