Magna Steyr teases 3-in-1 concept

Magna International is going to pitch up to the Geneva Motor Show with a three-in-one concept dubbed MILA Coupic.

The automotive supplier has created a car that can be three cars in one. Either an SUV, a pick-up or a convertible.Worryingly, it reminds us of another shape-shifting car – the Citroen C3 Pluriel. The Pluriel promised it could be five different cars. Sadly none of them were very good cars, rendering the whole thing somewhat pointless. Still, we're sure the few people who bought them were very pleased with their purchases.

Anyway, back to the MILA – it's a five-seater SUV when in its 'closed state', but its triple-layer roof is made of three layers featuring glass panels embedded in textiles and has few tricks up its... aperture. Wait, that sounds wrong.

If you open the front and rear panels you'll suddenly find yourself in a convertible. If you fold the rear roof segment towards the driver, the rear seats will rise up and create a bigger load bay and, therefore, a pick-up. If you're feeling particularly daring you can open the front panel and grab yourself a convertible pick-up. How wonderfully American.

It'll be formally unveiled at the Geneva show next week.

Source: Carscoop
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