Caught on camera: Edinburgh Zoo's koala goes on the run

Ruth Doherty

Caught on camera: Cute Koala on the run
Caught on camera: Cute Koala on the run


He may sleep for 22 hours a day, but when this little koala wakes up, he really makes a run for it.

Seriously cute Yabbra, who was born in 2005, went for a trot around the halls of Edinburgh Zoo, and his little stroll has become a hit on YouTube.

Yabbra, which is Aboriginal for "the fugitive", has one other playmate at the zoo, call Goonaroo, meaning "wood duck".

According to the Daily Mail, the zoo feeds the pair five different species of eucalyptus every day, which, they say, provides little energy, explaining why they sleep so much.

Edinburgh is the only zoo in the UK that is home to koalas.

See the adorable video here:

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