Teenagers raped on school trip to Belize sue school for damages

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Two teenagers who were raped while on a post-GCSE school trip to Belize, Central America, are suing their school for damages.

The two unnamed females, who are now both adults, were on a 'character building' school journey in 2005 when they claim they were raped while staying in a remote jungle cabin.

They were aged just 15 and 16 when the attack took place.

Their case has been brought to the High Court, where the women are claiming damages against their former school in Medway, Kent.

They say that not enough was done by the school or the travel operator to protect them.

However, the school, and the tour organisers Adventure Lifesigns Ltd, are fighting the case, and are accusing the girls of inviting their attacker into their cabin for a forbidden drinking session.

According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, the attacker was the son of the owner of the resort. He was one of several locals who were "leaders" employed to watch over the school trip. Other "leaders" were local ex-soldiers, who earned their living by working on the farm.

The women claim that being put in the care of these adults left them vulnerable and at risk.

The case continues.

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