Apple 'to reveal iPad 3 next week'

Stacey King

The launch of Apple's much-anticipated iPad 3 is strongly anticipated next week after the company sent "mystery" invites to journalists for an event on March 7.

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The company has not officially confirmed that the event is connected to the newest iteration of its popular tablet computer, but it was accompanied by an image of fingers on a touchscreen.

It was also accompanied with the words: "We have something you really have to see. And touch."

So we reckon it's a pretty safe bet.

The iPad range has sold 50 million units since its first launch in 2010 and its dominant position in the tablet market is only now coming under threat from rival devices using Google's Android operating system.

It is not yet known when the iPad 3 will be available to purchase, but the iPad 2 was on sale just 10 days after it was first revealed to the world last year - so Apple fans will probably not have to wait very long.

Improvements to the iPad are expected to include a faster processor, much-improved resolution and support for full 1080p HD video.

What do you reckon? Does the world need another iPad already? Comment below...