WiFi being trialled on UK trains

Ruth Doherty
WiFi being rolled out on UK trains
WiFi being rolled out on UK trains


A free Wi-fi service is being trialled by passengers on trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Scottish government has provided First ScotRail with a £250,000 contract to equip four trains with the technology to allow commuters to access internet on their phones and laptops while travelling.

Transport Minister Keith Brown told the BBC: "One of the challenges forever facing transport is how to embrace constantly-evolving technologies and the demands of passengers to get on with their ever more busy lives while travelling.

"We have promised to do all we can to bring the internet to every corner of Scotland and that includes allowing people to get online when they're going about their daily business, be that commuting to or from work or travelling socially."

Liz Cameron, chief executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, pointed out the positives for business as well as tourists, saying: "WiFi connectivity is essential to doing business in the 21st Century and its introduction to our trains is vital to making public transport a productive business experience.

"In addition, it recognises the fact that most tourists visiting our country expect to be able to access information on our country through their phones, tablet devices and notebooks.

"I am certain that this trial will prove to be a resounding success and we look forward to full WiFi connectivity being rolled out as soon as practicable."

Meanwhile, Transport for London has announced that internet access will be available on the Tube network ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

WiFi access will be available at 120 stations throughout the network, giving commuters the chance to check the news while waiting for the train.

The service will not be available while passengers are travelling in between stations, and it has yet to be announced who the service provider will be.

Would you use a WiFi service on a train? Or do you do enough hours in the office already?

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