Video: Grizzly bear charges terrified tourists in Alaska

Video: Tourists in Alaska get a fright as grizzly bear chargesYouTube

A group of tourists in Alaska had a lucky escape after a grizzly bear charged while they were observing it.

The group of 10 people were on a trip at the Katmai National Park, Alaska, when the bear "bluff charged" in an apparent attempt to scare them away from its fishing spot.

The bear got so close it actually sniffed the hood of one of the guests, who all remained still and silent on the advice of the guide.

Larry Griffith, 59, and wife Cindy, 57, from New Mexico, were part of the group and described the experience to the Daily Mail.

'There were eight others with us and we were allowed four hours in two different locations to view the bears.

"We had a safety class before hand about what to do if we encountered a bear.

Video: Tourists in Alaska get a fright as grizzly bear chargesYouTube

"'All the bears were catching fish when this particular bear circled our group several times, wanting us to leave his fishing spot. This was not supposed to happen.

"Our guide said he saw this as a bluff charge, trying to scare us, which he did!

"We were all in shock but were happy that no-one in our group jumped up, ran away or screamed for their lives.

"The bear actually smelled the hoodie of one of us, then walked behind us all within three feet.

"We were all frozen and I couldn't breathe. In the end the bear lost interest or got the message and left us alone.

"It was terrifying walking back through the grass to our boat-plane. I counted 30-40 different bears."

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